About Me



I'm a freelance editor. I live in New York City. Want to know more? I've spent 6 years managing staff, content, and web presence for print and digital media.


Soon to be 7.


Until recently, I was the Deputy Editor at Inside Jersey, a monthly magazine published by The Star-Ledger covering news, entertainment and lifestyle stories for New Jersey. While there, I oversaw digital strategy and content for the magazine, handled social media, as well as serving as second in command for all editorial in the print edition. This position included managing our freelance staff, crafting marketing strategies and editing every word Inside Jersey printed.


While I was there, Inside Jersey nearly doubled its readership, overcoming a competitor with a nearly 40-year foothold to become the most subscribed-to lifestyle magazine in New Jersey.


I've written website copy and marketing materials for agencies, companies, and publications. I've recapped 'Game of Thrones,' 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Bachelor' (one of these things is not like the others...) and I have all sorts of wild writing assignments littering my hard drive. I've even taken a foray into radio, hosting a talk show about movies and doing soccer play-by-play.


I've got mounds of bizarre stories, word etymologies and movie release dates logged away for retrieval. Let's talk sometime. Just push the button, if you'd like to.